Photography A new picture in the making

Nearly all photos were made with a Canon T90 camera equipped with 100 mm macro lens. Occasionally wide angle and strong telelenses (up to 600 mm) were applied. A Benbo Trekker tripod with Leitz ballhead belong to the standard equipment. Only few tripods are suitable for mushroom photography. They must be lightweight, nevertheless be stable and allow shots to be taken from very low positions. The Benbo Trekker meets these requirements but is still rather heavy. A lighter “micro” tripod from Gitzo has also been used successfully.

Over the years many different types of film have been used. By far the best results are consistently obtained with Fujichrome Velvia film for color transparencies.

When taking these pictures one should preferably vary exposure times and lens opening selecting the best result after development.

For use on this website selected photos were digitized by Kodak to photo CD and digitally edited afterwards.