A number of frequently asked questions are answered here.

What are those strange names on the ´Gallery´ page?
The names in parenthesis are the Dutch names of those mushrooms.

Which sources did you use for scientific names and authors?
In nearly all cases names and authors comply with Overzicht van de Paddestoelen in Nederland by E. Arnolds, Th.W. Kuyper, M.E. Noordeloos. Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging, 1995.

In which country did you make your shots?
When not specifically indicated photos were made in the Netherlands.

Can I fit the large resolution images on my screen?
Recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla can automatically shrink an image to fit in the window so you may consider upgrading (see the ´Browser´ question below). Alternatively, you can save the image to your harddisk and use a seperate image viewer. These usually feature ´Full Screen´ options.

What screen settings do you recommend?
The pages should look as intended with a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher and 16 bit colour or higher. It is strongly recommended that you calibrate your monitor properly, using a utility like Adobe Gamma or a web site such as this one.

Which browser should I use?
Mushrorama is ´Best viewed with a fairly up to date browser´ such as a recent version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Netscape or Opera.

Are the images copyrighted?
Yes they are. Look here for details.

Can I contact you?
Yes, the author can be reached by e-mail at