For mushroom fans images are indispensable, not only for successful identification of finds but also to simply look at and enjoy when nature is not offering sufficient interesting species (which happens quite often in the Netherlands). Nowadays many books with reasonable to good quality images are available but they are usually expensive and not always easy to get hold of. Moreover quite a few books are needed because of the large number and variability of species.

The Internet offers easy access to an alternative large mushroom images resource at low cost. A number of websites present good or even excellent quality images but unfortunately at quite some others photos are small, not sharp or of poor color.

Over 40 years the author of this Mushrorama web site has tried to find, identify and photograph nicely shaped or rare mushrooms. His prime objective was not to make a scientific contribution but merely was ( and still is ) to enjoy fungal beauty, to meet the challenge of capturing this beauty in interesting photos and to share the results from time to time with others.

For Mushrorama a number of these photos were selected with the requirement in mind that each one presented somehow had to add value to the images base already existing on the web (not in books). Typical selection criteria included:

In the Help section suggestions are offered how to best view the images on your screen.