About the author Fenne and Carel Breukink

Carel Breukink was born in 1935, is married and has three children. He graduated at Delft University of Technology (NL) in Chemical Technology. His professional career was with Shell where he held a variety of jobs in R & D, Manufacturing and Shareholder activities; all jobs in Shell´s Chemical Sector. His interest in mushrooms dates back some 40 years and was originally triggered by his father-in-law A. J. Karman. Already early on the mushroom activities were combined with another hobby: photography. In the picture the author is reading his granddaughter Fenne tales about the mysterious world of gnomes which happen to live in mushrooms.


The identification of some species was kindly checked by experts, in particular: G.J. Immerzeel, K. Uljé and Mrs. H.M.W. Bakker-Walter. Without tips from certain people where exactly to find a particular (rare) species, this site would have been less interesting and extensive. The website was designed and coded by J.J.W. Breukink.


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