Welcome Mushroom

The Internet offers easy access to many images of mushrooms because it allows people with photo collections to share their images with others without undue costs and effort.

On this web site you find selected pictures from one such collection. Hopefully you will enjoy visiting the photo gallery. Background and further information you find elsewhere on this site.

Do not restrict yourself to the lower resolution pictures but also open the larger files though this may be a little more time consuming. View the latter full screen. Thus the pictures become more enjoyable, particularly when your screen is properly calibrated.

25 Sep 2004 - Two species names changed
22 Jun 2004 - Typo´s fixed in gallery
18 May 2004 - Gallery page slightly modified
8 May 2004 - Image pages modified
3 Feb 2004 - All images online
22 Jan 2004 - mushrorama.nl online